Thursday, 9 April 2015


Hello there gentle flowers of the early year sun. We hope you are well. Here are two pieces of news.  


MAY 16
Brock and Broll
w/Cactus Knife and Grave Diggers Union

Information here

Monday, 23 February 2015

An interview with IAALS

We did an interview with I Am A Lungfish Song that was translated into French. Here is the English version. Go and read that excellent blog here.

What is the story behind Total Victory?

I (Dan) had split from an old band and was working a shitty job and living in an unfamiliar town and needed some kind of thing to occupy my time and brain. I put an ad out in 2007 for people wanting to play noise-rock kind of like XBXRX and Skin Graft/Gold Standard Labs kind of music. Matt L (bass) and Matt E (guitar) joined, followed by James (drums) one drunken day at a festival.

We realised we couldn't play at 200kph like those bands so we slowed down and tried to not sound so forced and began to incorporate our regional identities and actual personalities a little more. Martin (guitar) was a friend and fan who we asked to add guitar to The Pyramid of Privilege and gradually we forced him to join full-time.

If it were a film it would be a strange story about a group of people who were nobodies at home and vaguely interesting to people somewhere else. Like the opposite of Cool Runnings (which was called Rasta Rockett in France).


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